Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Pageant: Tips

So, you’ve decided to enter your beautiful little bundle of joy in baby beauty pageants. Of course, you think your baby is adorable, but exactly what will the judges be looking for in a baby pageant? Much of the judging criteria depends largely on the type of pageant you’re entering. Make sure you understand beforehand whether it’s a glitz pageant, a semi-glitz pageant, a natural pageant, or a face pageant. Also, before deciding on a pageant and sending in your entry fee, be sure to read all the rules on the application, and make sure you understand the rules. If you have any questions about the rules, contact the pageant director and ask.
Other than the written rules, there are a few “unwritten rules” with just about any baby pageant. In most cases, you don’t put makeup on a baby, and you don’t use hair pieces or wiglets. Babies aren’t spray tanned, either. As for how to dress your baby for a baby pageant, follow the pageant rules or guidelines. If it’s a glitz pageant, the baby will need a glitz pageant dress.

If your baby is walking, here’s another baby pageant tip: don’t let her run wild on stage! Many pageant moms think this is cute, but most judges don’t. It’s fine for the baby to be a little rambunctious on stage, but she shouldn’t be running around. It’s hard for the judges to focus on a constantly moving target. Another thing: don’t overstay your welcome. In other words, don’t remain on stage for too long. This is another no-no in the eyes of most judges. Make sure the judges get a good look at the baby’s face, and if it’s a glitz pageant, make sure they get a good look at the baby’s dress. Practice holding the baby so that the baby pageant judges can judge the dress fairly.

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