Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beauty Pageant Tips - Baby Pageants

If you think child beauty pageants might be something enjoyable for you and your child, you can start her out as a baby. If she seems to enjoy the attention and being in front of an audience as a baby at bay pageants, chances are that she'll like it even more as she gets older. If started early, she'll become comfortable with the whole beauty pageants experience.

Actually, entering a baby in baby pageants is much easier than dealing with older kids. You won't have to worry about makeup, pageant hair, tanning, or modeling. You will, however, still need a great pageant dress, a hair band with an attached bow, and the right shoes and socks.

A typical glitz pageant dress is in order - one with a cupcake skirt and some stoning. For some reason, my pageant pals and I have noticed that dreeses with short sleeves usually do better than sleeveless dresses on babies. Also, make sure the bow and hairband or headband don't overpower the baby's small face. Use white lace ankle socks and white mary jane shoes.

In baby pageants, your baby will most likely be scored on natural beauty, dress, and personality. It's hard to score a baby on poise, so personality is extremely important. This means that the contestant needs to be happy and smiling. Giggling on stage would be even better!

Arrange the baby's nap time and feeding time around the pageant schedule. Learn the schedule in advance and be prepared. for example, if your baby usually takes a nap at 2 p.m. and the pageant starts then, make sure your little one gets a good nap in before you have to be at the pageant. You can do this by starting several days before the day of the pageant by gradually changing the baby's nap time. GRADUALLY is the key word here. The same goes for feeding times.

You might also want to choose child pageants for your baby based on the age divisions. It's often difficult for a baby to compete with toddlers who can walk, wave, wink, and blow kisses. My ten-month-old granddaughter will be doing her first pageant in a couple of weeks, and she'll be in the 0-12 months age division. I don't thik we'd put her in a pageant now where the age division was 0-24 months. It would be hard for her to compete with the older kids. That's not to say that it's impossible for a baby to win against toddlers - sometimes they do - I'm just saying it will be tougher.

Practice getting your baby to smile and/or clap on cue at home. You might use a small toy, a silly face, or a hand puppet. Be careful, however, not to use the strategy so often that the baby no longer finds the prompt interesting or humorous.

When you're on stage, cock up one of your legs so that the baby can rest on your thigh. Spread the back of the skirt of the dress behind the baby, sort of on your midriff. Whisper to her, tickle the back of her neck - anything you can do to elicit a smile or laugh. If your baby is light enough, you might want to fold one of your arms across your chest and rest her on your forearm.


  1. Thank you so much for the tips on infants in pageants! I am considering getting my daughter involved in them, and had so many questions that I didn't know where to start... Your blog has helped me answer so many questions! Thank you!!

  2. Ashley, thanks so much for the kind comment!

  3. I am A former/Current Pageant Queen But I had a baby Girl in April2011 I am entering her in her second pageant I held her the same way you are saying and the way I have always seen in my pageants But with her first I was told I was doing it wrong Is there anything you can tell me to d to help also it says to have a routine for her in ooc where do I need to start I have done my own routines and routines for toddlers and up but nothing for a tiny one do you have any suggestions?

  4. Hi, Claudia. That's a tough one. What about something she could ride in or on, since she's not walking yet? You could push her onstage in a car, or pull her in a wagon. Make the prop relate to the outfit. There are lots of ways to "dress up" an ordinary wagon with thick cardboard or thin plywood. You could even turn in into a Cinderella coach! Okay, I need to make a post about this! lol

  5. Thanks for the tips!! We just did our first pageant today. My daughter is 1 month old and was in the 0-12 month division. Another mom whispered "It isnt fair that your baby goes up against girls like mine" when I was walking out. What does that mean?? Is 1 month to little? Her daughter was about 10 or 11 months old and could stand, but I had a full glitz dress, big headband and flower, the whole package for my daughter. I don't understand. I also heard her mention she started her girl at 8 months old. I guess I am wondering should I wait, because we couldn't compete in like personality, best hair (she doesn't have a hair piece, flipper, or spray tan yet). I would just like another opinion. Thanks yall in advance!!