Saturday, March 5, 2011

Toddler Pageants for Little Boys?

What do you think about entering boys into toddler pageants? Sometimes there's a stigma attached to this practice, which I think is totally unfair. Two of my grandsons were in toddler pageants when they were younger, and they loved it. Much of the resistance to putting little boys in pageants seems to come from the fathers. They're afraid the boys will become or be viewed as "sissies" for being in a "beauty"


Natural beauty is not restricted to females. Many little boys are beautiful, too. And besides, as you've probably already figured out, toddler beauty pageants aren't all about looks. Personality and stage presence play a big part.

Why do I think the "sissy stigma" is unfair? Well, I largely base this on my grandsons. Both are 100% boy. They love fishing, camping, playing sports, and target shooting. They're both rough-and-tumble kids who aren't afraid of anything. Just because they put on a tux and enjoy the limelight on stage doesn't make any less male.

Actually, it's a heck of a lot easier to put a boy in toddler pageants than it is a little girl. Boys don't have to have makeup, pageant hair, jewelry, or a fancy dress. We never had to tan the boys for toddler beauty pageants, either.

In toddler pageants, boys aren't expected to be "prissy." They can easily get away with acting tough and/or cocky on stage, and the judges will usually eat it up.

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