Monday, March 7, 2011

Casual Wear Ideas

Lots of kids' beauty pageants offer a casual wear category, which are sometimes optional. In other words, you might not be required to enter, but if the pageant includes supreme titles, casual wear will usually be a part of the overall score. If supreme titles are up for grabs, you don't want to opt out of casual wear. Besides, casual wear events are fun!

One of the major problems with casual wear is coming up with ideas for unique outfits, and you definitely want something unique. Creativity is usually a big part of the casual wear score. With that in mind, you understand why it's important to wow the judges with something different.

Depending on the specific pageant and on the type of pageant it is, casual wear has a huge range. It might include something as conservative and preppy as a schoolgirl outfit, with a plaid tennis skirt, knee socks, heeled loafers, and a blazer or sweater, to something as wild as a biker chick look. Of course, there are lots of outfits in between, too.

Do a little research before deciding on a look for casual wear. Many pageants post photos of previous winners, including winners from the casual wear event. This will give you an idea of which types of casual wear outfits might work.

You might want to somewhat "match" potential casual wear outfits to your daughter's personality and to how she might want to act on stage. If you want to go for the "sweet look," consider ruffled baby doll tops and matching ruffled capris in bright colors and whimsical prints. Another popular look is the sailor-girl casual wear outfits.

For a "tough look," think about mini skirts, short shorts, and midriffs in black or black with anaccent color with leather boots that have matching boot toppers.

You might want to go with a "funky" look. For this, take a look at the outfits on some of the Bratz dolls.

Another popular look for pageant wear outfits is the "retro" look from the fifties and sixties: poddle skirts, car hop outfits, go-go girl outfits, and hippy-type outfits.

For a Western look, consider jazzed-up cowboy outfits: sequined hats, boots with rhinestone or glitter accents, and fringed armbands.

For a more exotic look, think about jungle wear. I've seen some impressive, unique casual wear outfits with a jungle theme, including a great headhunter-inspired outfit.

Have fun with casual wear outfits! Consider suspenders, newsboy caps, sailor hats, ties, scarves, leather jackets, sweaters, shrugs - just about anything goes in most glitz pageants!

Watch these videos to get some more ideas for casual wear:


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