Saturday, March 5, 2011

Infant Pageant Dresses

The type of infant pageant dresses you should be choosing from depends on the type of pageant you'll be doing. For a natural pageant, a simple flower girl-type dress will work. For a low glitz local pageant, you'll most likely be able to use a party-type dress. For a full-glitz pageant, however, you'll need a fancier dress.

Infant pageant dresses for high-glitz pageants should have a full cupcake skirt with several layers. The skirt should be short. For the right length, stretch the baby's arms and fingers out to full length. The dress should be fingertip length. You'll also need a diaper cover that matches the dress.

The bodice should have a snug fit and be adorned with embellishments. These might be in the form of lace, bows, etc. The dress should also be stoned with Swarovski rhinestones. For infant pageant dresses, the rhinestones should be small. None of the decorations on the dress should overpower the baby's face.

You'll also need a matching hairbow or a headband with an attached bow. Again, the bow shouldn't be so large that it takes attention away from the face. If you can't find a bow and headband to match the dress exactly, purchase a white bow and dye it yourself. Add a few tiny stones to the bow. White mary janes and lacy white ankle socks complete the look.

Infant pageant dresses and baby pageant dresses seem to score better if they have short sleeves. Of course, this depends entirely on the judges you'll be facing, but from my experience, sleeveless infant pageant dresses and baby pageant dresses don't seem to score as high.

Be careful when you're choosing a dress color. Babies aren't normally tanned, so the choices of colors is somewhat limited when it comes to pageant dresses for babies. Unless the baby has naturally dark skin, a white dress will completely wash the infant out on stage under the bright lights. Baby pageant with a little white on them with other colors is usually fine. Pink is usually a good color for baby pageant dresses. It's sweet, girly, and it will go well with a wide range of complexions. Baby blue might also look good on your baby. Yellow pageant dresses look good on some baby girls, especially those with darker coloring.

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